Is it possible to bake regular nail polish with the Led curing lamps?

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Before delving into whether the nail lamp can be used to bake nail polish, consider the nail lamp's basic operation. Typically, nail lamps are used to dry nail polish. Nail polish is a mixture with resin as its main component. C15H16O2 is its chemical formula. This substance has the ability to cure with light. As a result, a layer of anti-translucent paint will be applied to the outside of the nail polish bottle in general packaging to prevent it from curing in the bottle. Nail lamp drying nail polish also makes use of its chemical principle, which can quickly cure and improve adhesion when exposed to long-wave ultraviolet rays.

Nail lights are classified into two types: UV nail lights and  Led curing lamps. UV rays are the primary light waves of both. UV nail lights have a broad spectrum of ultraviolet wavelengths, whereas LED nail lights have a narrow spectrum of ultraviolet wavelengths.

We all know that ultraviolet rays can harm skin tissue cells, so why do we use them for manicure? Long-wave ultraviolet rays have a wavelength of 320-400nm and are a type of ultraviolet ray. This portion of ultraviolet rays causes very little skin damage. In general, it takes hundreds of years of continuous irradiation to have a negligible effect on the skin.

The ultraviolet wavelength of an LED nail lamp can be precisely controlled at 370nm. According to scientific evidence, it takes at least 300 years for ultraviolet rays in this band to have an effect on human cells, and it reacts well with nail polish. Because the cost of an LED nail lamp is relatively high, the effect is relatively good, and the UV damage is extremely low, the price will be significantly higher than that of a UV nail lamp.

Let's take another look at nail polish. Acetone, ethyl acetate, phthalates, formaldehyde, and other chemicals are among its main components. Nail polish is typically air-dried, and increased temperature and air flow can be used to speed up curing. The procedure is entirely natural. Reactive, and unlike nail glue, does not chemically react with UV rays. Returning to our original query, can nail lamps be used to bake regular nail polish? Except for increasing the local temperature to accelerate the curing of nail polish, the nail lamp has no effect, and the effect is not as good as drying nail glue, and the speed is not as fast.

Finally, I believe that nail polish and nail glue are two distinct concepts with entirely different chemical components. The nail lamp was created specifically for drying nail glue. It is best not to use it on nail polish, which contains a number of potentially harmful ingredients. Furthermore, because ultraviolet rays can cause toxicity, it is best to use them separately to avoid unnecessary emergencies.

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